You should be crazy to love yourself unconditionally

love yourself
love yourself

Love yourself first of all and grow a mentality to forgive your mistakes. You should crazy to love yourself, forgive yourself and understand yourself. If you cannot forgive someone whom you love, then what is love? This sentence is not just for the beloved people, also applicable for you. Self-love is very compelling in every aspect of life, so you should be crazy about yourself. If you love yourself then you can have inner stability, especially when it comes to relationships.

Forgive yourself, love yourself

Many types of emotion work inside a human. These emotions can be called ‘Id’ in the terms of psychology. We work with the logic of keeping different emotions aside. And this logic is called ‘ego’. However, in different time emotions become stronger than logic. Thereby we make many mistakes. These mistakes sometime may happen unintentionally or sometimes may happen intentionally. For various surrounding circumstance, we make many mistakes. In any case, it is necessary to grow the mentality of advancing ahead. You need to leave behind these mistakes that may be holding you back.

Why we make mistakes

We make mistake for various reasons. These factors, depending on the person’s own mentality, starting from the surrounding atmosphere.

Fail to achieve the desired goal

It is in everyone’s life. From family relationships to education life or good job, we wish highly success. But is it possible to get equal results in all? And for this, the person first blamed himself. Many people have discontent, ‘if I had a little more effort, then maybe this situation could not have happened.’ This fact works among the teenager and adult person.

Hostile environment

We cannot achieve our goals some time due to deterioration of relationships with family or loved ones or economic reasons. For this, many people blamed their family. As a result, the ‘inferiority complex’ can be seen in a person. That is the negative propensity for the next time.

Emotions are more persuasive than logic

Some moments arise when we cannot control emotions. Then we do something that is negative, whose impact is negative. Just like your office. For some reason, you behave badly with a colleague or suddenly raised voice in anger in front of the boss.

Done a mistake unknowingly

It may be that you have made a mistake completely unknowingly. Suppose you are working in a new office. Probably do not know the rules here. And you made mistakes. In this way, we make many mistakes.

Due to frustration

In this case, the individual absolutely goes beyond the logic. Because the long-term frustration would become apparent in his activities. Maybe a person can understand even after a few days. But however, the weakness could work amidst him due to the past mistakes.

Don’t lose your mental power

Whatever the reason for mistakes, don’t lose your mental power for forgiveness. And that’s why you need to understand yourself first of all.

Try to understand with logic

Try to understand yourself, as well as figure out why was that wrong. Did that happen unconsciously? What was the reason for this behavior? Try to find out the reason. Take the next step accordingly.

Follow your own values

Always try to be clear about your values and ethics. Maybe you got angry because of the long-term dejection. Again blame yourself for this. So try to comply with your values and ethics.

Our life is a combination of success and failure

You blaming yourself, because could not do the job correctly. Instead of blaming yourself on this, try to admit that we have to run with both these failures and successes. You can learn from the past failure. Try to apply it. Any new environment, maybe your workplace, university hall, or new family, know the rules of these organizations. This is applicable to both the boy and the girl.

Let the past go

Let the past go in some cases. Forget that what has happened, Plan to go ahead for the future. Talk to someone in case need. Try to avoid the same mistake at next time. Due to a repetition of the same mistake, you will lose confidence. Remove the shame inside the mind. Think carefully about the next step. And enjoy yourself, love yourself



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