Where there are strictly forbidden to give birth

Sanka Shyam Ji,give birth
Sanka Shyam Ji village: Where there are strictly forbidden to give birth

There is a village in the world, where mothers are not allowed to give birth. For the last 400 years, no child was born in that village. When a woman is in childbirth, the villagers sent her to the nearby village. Even the villagers have built a house on the border of the village for delivery. Though there are no written rules, this tradition is coming from the sixteenth century in the village of ‘Sanka Shyam Ji’ in Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. It Situated 130 km from Bhopal.

The villagers also gave a strange argument about this rule. It is the fear of God’s curse, because God may put the curse on the new baby. So have embargo to give birth child in the village. At past who was born in the village, that child either has become deformed or the mother or the child had died. So a belief tightly eminent among the inhabitant of Sanka Shyam Ji village says the village is cursed. And that is why the villagers have a strong belief that if a child is born in their village the child will be harmed. It is known that in the last 400 years no woman has given birth to their child in the village.

why strictly embargoed to give birth

The elderly residents claimed that God had cursed their village at somewhere time in the sixteenth century. The Gods were constructing a temple in this village. At that time a woman was grinding wheat nearby and the sound was interrupted to the deities. For distracting the Gods became angry and cursed that no child would be born in that village. From the conventional story in villagers believe today, the curse was put on the village since the women disrupted deities to build the temple. And now the women cross their village area during childbirth.  In fact, villagers have built a separate room outside the village periphery so that an emergency period woman can go there and give birth.

The sarpanch of the village Narendra Gurjar said that 90 percent of the delivers take place in hospitals. Otherwise, for any reason, deliveries take place just outside the village. Even during rains or storm, women are taken outside the village if they wish theirs and their child’s well being. On the other hand, no one drinks alcohol or eats meat in this village, said an elderly man that’s a blessing from God on the village.

source: India today



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