What Japanese scientists are doing to control coronavirus

Researchers in medical science are battling to defeat the coronavirus

Along with the physician, another fighter team is fighting behind the scenes. Researchers in medical science are battling to defeat the enemy through the invention of the vaccine. At this point, they are running at the speed of the rocket to reach the target. Their contributions and sacrifices remain hidden behind the eyes of the public. Although the success achieved in combating coronavirus is not minor.


what Japanese scientists are doing to control coronavirus
coronavirus vaccination

The first news of the drug’s success in the treatment of coronavirus came from China.  Japan is considering using Avagan, an anti-influenza medication developed by a unit of Fujifilm Holdings Corp. Avagan helped to cure many virus-infected patients in china.

As a result, the use of Avigan in the treatment of coronavirus is now continuing in China.  The drug discovery company seems to be a coincidence of its practical success against coronavirus. However, researchers at the company are trying to alter its chemical content to make it suitable for coronavirus treatment. The clinical trials were conducted on 19 patients last week. If the test proves successful, the Japanese government will allow its use. In that case, Japan will go a step further in combating coronavirus.

The Japanese government, however, has reserved Avigan to combat influenza. With the current reserve of the government, treatment for 1 million coronavirus affected patients is possible. The Japanese government has said that if any other country requests Avigan to use it for coronavirus treatment, they will provide it free of charge. Japanese media said that in the time of the proliferation of corona, the government has emphasized Avagan production. Fujifilm is also considering outsourcing to meet demand.

 Beside Fujifilm, researchers from several other pharmaceutical companies, some government research institutes and some of the leading universities of the country are also researching corona drugs. As well as the efficacy of a few more common drugs are being tested.


One such drug is the ciclesonide of Teijin Pharma Limited, called Alvesco. This steroid inhaler usually used to treat asthma. Researchers find some benefits of using this steroid on coronavirus patients experimentally. As a result, research is continuing to make it more effective for coronavirus treatment. Not just medicines to cure COVID-19 affected patients, anti-vaccine efforts are underway. The director-general of the World Health Organization says he is optimistic about getting such a vaccine within six months. However, this process is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Not only coronavirus vaccine invention, but also japan is taking necessary action to increase the production of artificial respiratory or ventilator and ECMO machines. Japan is aware of the shortage of instruments in the United States and Italy that increased the number of deaths. However, these instruments are quite expensive.

Another problem, in this case, is whether there are enough experts in Japan or other countries to operate these machines properly.

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