What do I want to do with my life to develop a positive attitude

what do I want to do with my life, positive mindset
what do I want to do with my life

What do I want to do with my life? To develop a positive attitude, we are quite hesitant about what we will do with our life. If some work that can be avoided by ourselves, then we can eliminate boredom and annoyance in everyday life. Some daily positive habit brings about a gradual change in our lives. If I knew what do I want to do with my life, then I can find strength in developing my own positive mindset.

What do I want to do with my life to develop a positive attitude?

Answer: I will never do 9 things.

1 Comparing to others

When we are failing or feel sadness, we compare ourselves with others. It should never be. We should believe, every man is unique, also I am different. It is unfair to compare myself with others in my own sorrow or failing. Because everyone is unique and distinct in their place, I can think of so.

2. Failure is a lesson

In the life of going forward, success and failure is like head and tail of a coin. Do not think that failure is the end of all. If failing in any work, we should try to learn from that failure. Try to pay attention to the next work without waste time thinking about why I have failed. Failure is a lesson, so continue go ahead with this idea.

3. Do not neglect physical health and mental condition

Health is always wealth. Poor health means poor mentality. Have to learn exercise every day, as well as drink plenty of water. Also have to use the stairs while go up and down.

4. Do not forget to express gratitude

Whatever happens in my life, I will express gratitude. My colleagues, close friends, even the guards who open the gate for me will learn to thank them. Try to stay lively as much as possible.

5. Do not slandering

Learn to imagine yourself in other people’s places. Do not laugh and gossip about the bad things or the failure of others.

6. Do not be under control of others

Establish your position at working place. Try to gain control of where to say ‘yes’ and where to say ‘no’. Generate your importance by being modest. Learn to tell logically consistent while impose an illogical decision. Abandon your own unwillingness work.

7. Do not be in negative atmosphere

With whom we build friendship or with whom we walk in life, they determine whether we are positive or negative. Avoid negative minded people. Negative minded people and atmosphere will diminish your zing of vitality.

8. Do not practice ego

You are greatest; you are the best among all; avoid such of attitude in public place. Learn to be modest. No one chooses arrogance, does not respect anyone who is arrogant.

9. Do not float yourself in negative opinion of others

Learn to trust yourself and trust your own strength. Those who are giving negative feedback about you; they may not live in your life after five years. Do not harm yourself with the importance of those who speak negative about the failure.

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