Taylor swift composed new history with new album ‘Lover’

The global pop star Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Lover’ sets a new record. It took placed in the list of highest consumed throughout the week. Joins billboard’s 200. Swift’s album lover netted 867,000 equivalent album units in the United State in a single week. Before this new record, the largest sale was swift’s last 2017 release ‘Reputation’ album. But ‘Lover’ is consumed more doubling than the previous record within the opening week. And through the record, she becomes the first singer whose six-album consumed at least 500,000 copies in a single week.


Taylor swift composed new history with new album 'Lover'

Studio album ‘Lover’ attained international successes

Her US record was found, let’s come to the UK market. In UK record page she added more one record. Composed a new history. In the UK market, she is the only female singer whose four-album was number one albums in a decade. ‘Lover’ entered the million sales gallery with previous UK number one albums ‘Red’ , ‘1989’ and ‘Reputation’.

Swift’s seventh studio album ‘Lover’ attained international successes since its anticipated debut. Universal Music Group said, since its release on August 23, in china, the record has topped more than a million equivalent units in both sales and streaming.

The album combines feminism, insightful political narratives, and dreamy love songs. The absolute lyrical masterpiece that filled you with the new fun and spunk she didn’t have in Reputation. . Artist Taylor Swift delighted in this success. She placed her thanks to fans on Twitter for a staggering week.

“I just have to say to you guys, thank you so much for one of the best weeks of my life. I can’t thank you enough.’’

Masterpiece album ‘Lover’ reflects the most maturity

Taylor Swift will arrive at 30 at the end of this year, meaning she has been a popular musician for almost half of her life. She started her songwriting career learned beyond her years. And album lover reflects the most maturity she’s ever been, while on the other records like it has boasted more sales than any other album in its opening week, Youtube’s most viewed than any female and solo artist and reaching 65.2 million views within 24 hours.

Her charming tune has captivated the world and make it difficult later to leave her.

Taylor swift composed new history with new album 'Lover'




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