Mysterious history of china’s dwarf village

dwarf village, china
dwarf village

A dwarf village is existent in the Sichuan province of China. Everything in the dwarf village is small. Small hands, small a face, small legs, wear small clothes. As though a place has come from the fairytale book page. The question may be, are there such villages? This is only possible in stories and fiction. But not, really there is such a village. The village named Yangsi. It has turned into a center of the interest of scientists for many decades.

The main cause of this interest is the dwarf people here. Surprisingly, 40 percent of the people living in southeastern China’s village are much shorter than normal people. Here, 36 of the village’s 80 resident are dwarfs. And the tallest one among them is just 3 feet 10 inches tall and the shortest, 2 feet 1 inch.

The strange phenomenon in the dwarf village is a baffling mystery!

Why is it here? Despite many research, this mystery has not yet been revealed. But scientists did not give up hope. Although according to the elderly people of the village, there is nothing to research on this. According to them, a few years ago, suddenly one vile disease was attacked in this village. In the outbreak of the disease, 5 to 7 years old children suddenly lose their physical growth. Since then, the disease has not left the dwarf village yet. Rather it was passed on to the next generation as well. And some of the victims also suffered from various disabilities. Scientists and experts are going to visit Yangsi often. They studied Yangsi soil, water, grains.  the scientist also examines the affected individual. Although scientists are trying to apply hundreds of method in hopes of gathering a few clues, they failed.   The kinky mystery behind this situation is still unresolved, which had arisen 60 years ago.

The problem first came to light in 1951. According to the documents of the district office that year, there were still short people in this village. According to the census of 1985, about 119 inhabitants of this region were dwarf. Scientists think dwarf people begin to birth in the village since 1911. It was once thought in 1997 that this is due to the high concentration of mercury in the soil. But its evidence was not found.

Why is it the dwarf village?

Villagers gave their idea differently. Someone blamed the evil spirit. Someone again talked about a turtle with strange feet, which was passing through the village road. Some of the villagers wanted to let it go, the villagers it cut down and ended up with the roasting. Finally, some people ate it. And since then this disease has struck them. Many villagers thought that eating this turtle was a big mistake. They have been cursed because they killed the turtle, nature punished them. Some started to believe that it was because their ancestors were not given a better burial, while other blamed the bad feng shui of the area. Some villagers blame toxic gases from when the Japanese invaded China many years ago. But the Japanese never reached the dwarf village of Yangsi, although villagers have never believed this truth.

China wanted to hide their dwarf village

China has always wanted to hide their dwarf village from the out world. Authorities have banned foreigners to visit this area. However, there have been some improvements in the previous situation. Slowly people are going here and people here are also trying to their own dwarfism with the normal world.

Throughout the years, many residents have left the dwarf village in fear of being victims by the strange situation. But the new generation seems to be free from the odd dwarfism phenomenon.

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