Madonna’s boyfriend | her love history

Madonna’s boyfriend | everyone is a magnetic star

Madonna’s boyfriend, everyone is a magnetic star.Madonna’s boyfriend list full with the white and black both stars. Her love history enriched with many illustrious figures. Especially after a love letter was published, columnist starts gossiping about Madonna’s boyfriend.

madonna's boyfriend

Although it would be better to say that it’s a break-up letter than the love letter. Late singer Madonna’s boyfriend Tupac Shakur wrote the letter to Madonna in 1995. If anyone wants to write Madonna’s love history, then the letter could be mentioned with a great importance. It seemed incoherent to have love with a white woman for black Shakur. It deemed that Shakur was deceiving his fans. So he gave the letter to his beloved so that his image does not depreciate by dating a white woman.

madonna's boyfriend

Dated 15 January 1995 the rapper said in the handwritten letter – “For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in any way jeopardise your career. If anything it would make you seem that much more open & exciting. But for me at least in my previous perception, I felt due to my ‘image’ I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was. I never meant to hurt you”. This was put up for auction by her former friend Darlene Lutz.

However, only Tupac Shakur was not Madonna’s boyfriend. Also, have more stars in Madonna’s love history, and the list is quite long.

In 1977, the American pop empress started her career. Two years later, she was in love with Dan Gilmore. Let’s start with Gilroy.

madonna's boyfriend

Dan Gilroy

Madonna and Dan Gilroy were members of the Pop Band “The Breakfast Club” formed in the seventies. Dan Gilroy also used to sing. They maintained their relationship until 1979-81.

madonna's boyfriend

Jean – Michel Basquiat

Madonna fell in love with American graffiti artist Jean – Michel Basquiat. Their love did not last long. Time, 1982, Madonna released her first solo song at that time. And she was taking preparation to release her first solo album, so had no enough smooth time to invest in love. Jean died in 1988 due to excessive drug addiction.

madonna's boyfriend

John F. Kennedy Jr.

In 1987, Madonna maintained a relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr., son of late US President John F. Kennedy. But Kennedy Jr.’s mother was against of this relationship. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999.

madonna's boyfriend

Michael Jackson

One is the emperor of the pop empire, another empress. It was not unusual for them to be together. They worked together in the early nineties. I loved him like a crazy, Madonna has admitted herself. But the late Michael Jackson might just love her as a friend.

madonna's boyfriend

Vanilla Ice

In 1992, in between Madonna and American rapper, Vanilla Ice had the love affair for some time.

madonna's boyfriend

John Benitez

Madonna’s romance was at the peak point from 1983 to 1985 with American DJ John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez. John also worked on Madonna’s first album.

madonna's boyfriend

Sean Penn

One star of love, Sean Penn came in Madonna’s life. In 1985, the most talked love story, which was created amid this Hollywood star and the pop star. They also got married. But they broke their relationship. In 1989, they signed on the divorce paper. In four years conjugal life, there was accusation in Sean Penn’s voice that they had no romance except hassle. Madonna, on the other hand, made a complaint that Sean Penn used to beat her.

madonna's boyfriend

Warren Beatty

That time Hollywood star Warren Beatty was one of the women’s ‘heartthrob’. Madonna played with him in the Dick Tracy film. From 1989-90, she was impressed with the love of Beatty.

madonna's boyfriend

Tony Ward

For a short time in 1991 Model, Tony was the resident in Madonna’s love cottage. Tony worked on Madonna’s ‘Justify Me’ music video.

madonna's boyfriend

Carlos Leon

From 1994 to 1997, her fitness trainer Carlos Leon was active as   Madonna’s boyfriend. Lourdes Leon, daughter of Carlos Leon and Madonna was born in 1995.

madonna's boyfriend

Andy Bird

Madonna’s love affair has disclosed in 1997-98 with British film producer Andy Bird.

madonna's boyfriend

Guy Ritchie

Perhaps filmmaker Guy Ritchie has ruled the kingdom of Madonna for maximum days. Relationships start in 1998, got married in 2000, Marriage sustained till 2008.

madonna's boyfriend

Jesus Luz

In 2009, 50 years old Madonna met the Brazilian model Jesus Luz, when Luz just at 22. But this age could not be an obstacle to their love. Does love have any stereotype? But in 2010 they said goodbye to their love.

madonna's boyfriend

Brahim Zaibat

Madonna’s love began with French dance director Brahim Zaibat in 2010. That love car was running until the year 2013.

madonna's boyfriend

Kevin Sampaio

International model Kevin Sampaio, enjoying now the elite time in his career. It’s been heard since last year; Madonna has broken the relationship with Aboubakar Soumahoro, who is African model and 32 years junior, for this attractive model. Kevin is now fixed with the sixty touched Madonna.

Madonna wears Clay Mask

At this age, the music star Madonna can keep skin ‘beautiful and bright’; because she uses regularly a face mask made of mud. Are you surprised? No, there is no point in being surprised. If the snail’s leftovers have used to preserve the beauty and brightness, then the use of mud is a trivial matter.  Japanese cosmetics brand ‘MDNA’ has come to the market at the hands of the 55-year-old pop star.


And now she is using face masks of that Japanese brand. In response to this, she posted a number of masked photos on Instagram. In one of these pictures caption, Madonna wrote, “Trying out the new Clay Mask from MDNA skin care line! Lets see if it works #livingforlove”


She again posted a few pictures, and be noticed the glowing “after” photo she posted on Instagram. She Shared a photo of the mask washed off, writing, “Yaaaasssssss it werks! #unapologeticbitch.”

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