Lonely Island and mysteriously present Easter Island

Lonely Island, Easter Island
Lonely Island

Lonely island Rapa Nui, the native name of Easter Island. If there’s a lonely Island in the world surrounded by mystery, it is Easter Island. This lonely Island is located in the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean. Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen reached the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. The Dutch explorer named this lonely island as ‘Easter Island. There is no plot of land or island around this small island. The volcanoes have made the roughly 64-kilometer-wide island. In the distance of 2,300 miles, Chile or South America’s western coast is the closest continental region of the island. Apart from this, there are people living on an island named Pitcairn Island, about 2 thousand 75 kilometers away, and an island named Marcansan is 3,200 kilometers away. So it is easy to understand how lonely Easter Island is. The island’s full name is ‘Rapa Nui’.

The biggest attraction of this lonely island is the seven giant stone figures.

It was difficult to find the island from outside world in 1770 the Spanish Viceroy of Peru sent some explorers to this island. Four years later, British explorer James Cook arrived at Easter Island. Among the archaeologists and historians have a dispute about the history of this lonely island. But the general idea, in 800 AD, the Polynesian keep first footprint on the island. Before that, the island was virtually desolate. Why is Easter Island so famous? Because there are many sculptures placed here that created by stone. The look of the sculptures is weird. Actually, they are called ‘navel of the world’. Locals call these sculptures are ‘Moai’. After reaching this island, Jacob Rosvin was surprised. He saw almost no tree on the lonely island. There are only two thousand people with ill health and some fishing boats. He could not understand how such a behindhand islander can create giant figures by cutting solid stone, or how can move or placed it.

statues size

In a survey conducted in 1989, there are 887 large and small statues found in the island, of which 288 are standing in different places. Of these, 379 were under construction.. The head of the statues figure is 1 percent among the whole 5 percent. At average, the height of each statue is approximately 24 feet, and the weight is 13-14 tons. The tallest standing statue is more than 32 feet high and the weight is approximately 82 tons. The biggest statue which was under construction is 71.93 feet high and the weight is approximately 165 tons. In addition, there is an immense stone platform in Easter Island which called ‘Ahu Tahai’. Also have a wonderful stone wall, stone houses, and caves. Each other Inconsistent these creations make the wonders deeper.

Easter Island history

From the history of Easter Island, it is known that The cursed gods were sent down from the sky to the earth. later them back to heaven. Many people think that they were made from thirteenth to the thirteenth century. Why and how did such a lonely island people create these statues? The answer to this question is still not available today. Although different people are trying to give an acceptable explanation about the issue at the different time. They are trying to find out the history of this Easter Island. However, mystery lovers still could not find out any explanation about this matter. For this reason, innumerable tourists go to visit this impassable island every year.

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