Katy Perry on Ariana Grande’s ‘boss move’ while they were dining separately at same restaurant


Katy Perry on Ariana Grande
Katy Perry on Ariana Grande


A sweet gesture

As there is competition among the stars, there is a good relationship. Sometimes one star gets the praise of another star. However, it is not just that the stars praise each other for their work. They also praised their personal gesture. And that’s happened between music stars Katy Perry, 34 and Ariana Grande, 26.

Katy Perry and her fiancé have been quite surprised by Ariana’s sweet act of kindness. Ariana’s respect has grown a lot to them. Katy Perry recently revealed the news. Katy said, two weeks ago, she was dining at a sushi restaurant with Orlando Bloom, 42 and his son. They finished after an hour-and-half and asked for the check. They were like, ‘Ariana Grande has taken care of it’. And we were like, ‘Oh my god! That is so cool!’ Orlando’s son is eight, so I think he was like, ‘Dope.'”

At the end of Katy’s group long meal bumped into Ariana Grande while they were both dining at the sushi, and the singer surprised another singer’s party with a sweet gesture.


Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry said, Grand’s treat was a “a boss move”

Katy Perry said, Grand’s treat was a “a boss move” and “such a cute gesture”. Perry added. “Orlando was like, ‘Man, I have such mad respect for her.’ She was so kind. I love little things like that.”

“It’s such a bizarre thing that we have to go through, not all of us, some people get lucky and marry their first love and stay with them forever,” Perry noted her lyrics, “Going from strangers to lovers.”

Grande mentioned in an interview gratefully to Katy. “Then, just three years later, I had my own show there and she came. And she held my hand in the prayer circle and she was there, and she was like, ‘Girl, you were here a few years ago watching me, now we’re here watching you. You better kill it, girl.’ So she’s always been really supportive.”

Indeed, Grande has long been a big fan of Perry. She has expressed with gusto over Katy Perry at various times. While she added, “It was so crazy because I went to her show at the Staples Center a couple years ago, and I was totally inspired by it. I was like, ‘Wow.’ I was like, ‘I wanna do this one day,”


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