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Check out their fabulous home libraries that are bursting with inspiration.

A cozy home library can be a leisure room for rare peaceful moments. Books are our philosopher, guide, and never-failing friend. They are not like our worldly friend. So they never desert us, never such of fair-weather friends who fall off in adversity. Many celebrities love to read and have a nice collection of the book they value, created a home library where they stylishly house their book. Their book obsession turned into a design feature instead keeping around the house. The news of the star’s expensive car or expensive home attracts fans very much. We know less about those stars, which are bibliophile and have the ultimate classic touch home library.

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Shahrukh khan built a large home library

In Mumbai of India, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has a large home library. He tries to spend a lot of time in his home library at Mannaht, said in an interview. Also tweeted that he has a huge collection from Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code to Harry Potter series books, also include on about the film.

home library of Jennifer Lopez

The world of Duplex books of Lopez

During the rearrangement of the house, American Singer Jennifer Lopez kept a place for books at every corner.  In 2014,’J.Lo’ bought the Duplex apartment for 27 million dollars in Madison Square Park in Manhattan, USA. From the living room to the verandah- filled with books all over the place.


Oprah Winfrey’s home library

Oprah Winfrey’s royal library

Television star Oprah Winfrey’s home library is brimful with thousands book. If visit her California home, you might see hundreds of pictures hang on the walls. The corner of her reading room decorated with armchairs and fireplaces. In addition, to enhance the aesthetics of the library, she kept an enchanting architecture of 1926. At times Oprah appears on TV live broadcast from there.


Emma Watson's home library

Emma Watson’s fancy Library

‘Harry Potter’ star Emma Watson is a passionate bibliophile. In the corner of her house, the library has been equipped with all the books of her choice. While studying at the University of Brown, she had made entire house a library with her collected books. She has a penchant to gather books every week in her library.

Uma Thurman’s home library

Uma Thurman’s home library

In New York, There are 13 rooms in the home where Uma Thurman lives. Of these, a house is completely well-arranged with books. Moreover, the room has a feature fireplace with raised hearth. Whenever the snowfall starts, this Hollywood actress goes to her library, spend many hours in the book world with a cup of coffee.


Reese Witherspoon 's home library

Reese Witherspoon builds a home library with all gifted books

‘Wake the line’ movie actress Reese Witherspoon read non-fiction books. In her free time, she dives into the book pages. She enjoys the reading book at home with coffee while wrapped her in the blanket for warmth. In Los Angeles home, she collected a thousand books. This star built her library with all gifted books from friends. Occasionally pictures of reading books are seen on her Instagram.

source: VogueHuffingtonPost

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