Holodomor Was A Man-Made Horrific Tragedies in Modern History, And Most People Have Never Heard Of It

Holodomor, one of the worst man-made famines in the history of the world

 In the last decade of the 40s, during the Second World War, everyone is aware of the Holocaust or the Jewish Holocaust organized by Hitler’s Nazi Germany.But in the very last decade, very few people know about the Holodomor  in Ukraine in 1932-33. Not only is the name match with the Holocaust, but there is a great match with the gruesomeness of Holodomor. One of the worst man-made famines in the history of the world is that at least 70 million Ukrainian citizens lost their lives.


But the funny thing, you know? For more than seven decades even the Ukrainian government did not recognize Holodomor as genocide. After almost 73 years, it was first recognized in Ukraine in 2006. In addition, more than 15 countries recognized it as genocide. Soviet Union government was behind the genocide. And the man who is most responsible for it, he is Joseph Stalin.

Back history

Since 1928 Ukraine is then part of the Soviet Union. The Communist Party’s Stalin is leading the Soviet Union. He introduced a new system, named after its agricultural collectivization. At the beginning it was thought, through this new system, under the Soviet regime, there will be a great improvement in the ownership of agricultural land and livestock of Ukraine. Besides, Stalin’s purpose was to provide food for the urban industrial workers and to arrange for necessary money for urbanization through exporting crops abroad.


But it was written in the 1933 Proletarska Pravda, “destroy the social basis of Ukrainian nationalism.” , actually so. In order to implement agricultural social ownership, in 1929-30 the farmers of Ukraine were forced to hand over their cultivated land and livestock to state-run firms, instead, they would work as land laborers on land in exchange for specific money. But this system of five years term completely failed. Along with the needy crops, there are also been produced a large number of unfamiliar or little known crops, which the government has kept under their absolute control. There was also a lack of proper management. As a result, millions of tons of crops are being destroyed, while the nationwide appeared severe food crisis.


holodomor -soviet- famine

Dispute with Kulak

The word kulak literally means “fist” (Russian). They were essentially a very successful farming community. They did not accept Stalin’s proposed agricultural social ownership. According to them, through this system again serfdom may return. But the Soviet rulers did not accept Kulak’s opposition. So they are calling them the enemy of the working class. Stalin announced, “Now we have the opportunity to carry out a resolute offensive against the kulaks, break their resistance, eliminate them as a class and replace their production with the production of kolkhozes and sovkhozes.”

By 1930, Stalin started full-scale Kulak elimination project. Soviet authorities have forcibly snatched their land and food from the Kulak. Then a group of them were deported and sent to Siberia. And the rest of them die in their own country.

The Ukrainian border were sealed

The Soviet authorities did not cease to snatch all the land and food from the Kulaks, they also took the initiative to ensure that they could not raise their heads anymore. When many kulaks began to take shelter in the outer country as refugees, the Soviet government sealed the border after kulak’s food stolen.  As a result, no one can go outside the country, so cannot enter the country from outside. On the one hand, kulaks had no support, no cropland, so they had no minimum food for a living. Therefore, due to lack of food, their destiny was to die, and finally, it begins to happen.

holodomor-soviet- famine
Starving people turned to cannibalism

Some turned to cannibalism.

When the food crisis was extreme among the Ukrainians and one by one going to die, many were in a desperate attempt to be a cannibal. The irritations of hunger detract all human values from them. They began to eat the flesh of their kindred. Many parents even killed their children and ate their flesh, and later they did not get any more food until they died.

At that time, the human flesh became a very commodity on the black market. Some people started selling flesh by killing innocent people. But after all this, cannibalism was a punishable offense in those days in Ukraine. During the Holodomor, 2,550 people were arrested and convicted for eating their neighbors’ flesh. 


holodomor- soviet- famine

Alternative food when loafs made of nettles and excrement

Everyone began to eat human flesh, that’s not at all. As an alternative food method, many people started taking very trashy food. Among these, weed loafs, composed of nettle leaves and other weeds. Some of them also used to eat boiled horse hides or even ate manure. At one time children were even reported eating their own excrement out of desperation. But this situation also changed very quickly. Many farmers were initially committed that they will never touch the human flesh, they also started attacking each other as potential hunt.

holodomor soviet famine
Debate on the number of dead

What is the actual number of dead in Holodomor? There is considerable debate on this day. According to historian Timothy Snyder, about 3.3 million people died. In a statement from the Director General of The National Museum Memorial of Victims of the Holodomor claims, approximately 7 million people died within the Ukrainian border that time. Besides, more than 3 million people died outside the border. But the more terrible thing is that in some past statistics, the number of deaths have estimated the total death toll upwards of around 20.6 million

A journalist won Pulitzer Prize for denying the Holodomor

Walter Duranty was the Moscow reporter of The New York Time during the Holodomor. The famous term ‘Stalinism’ was first coined from his pen. But sadly, he was nothing more than a puppet for the communist dictator. He strongly opposed to recognizing the Holodomor as genocide. According to him, innumerable people were not killed in famine. They have actually fled the country. He further said, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” In 1934, he won a Pulitzer Prize for his false reporting on the Holodomor.

Recognition and rejection

After the end of the Holodomor in 1933, the Soviet ruler was in strong effort to suppress evidence of the state-caused famine. They also banned the publication of census data . The Kremlin has not accepted it as genocide. According to them, it was only a “nationalist interpretation”. Even former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych was reluctant to accept Holodomor as genocide. 

So far, these countries have formally recognized the Holodomor as a genocide : Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, USA and Vatican city. 

Every fourth Saturday of November since 1998, Ukrainians observe Holodomor Remembrance Day in remembrance of the victims of the genocide. Flags fly at half-staff.

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