Elderberry is most ordered by Amazon and Walmart to Medicine companies now


Anti-influenza activity of elderberry


Elderberries: Natural way to boost immunity, fight illnesses making comeback in Valley: read  FOX 10 Phoenix 

Picked up from a Bangladeshi medicine lab worker’s diary

Like the rest of the world, black clouds are gathering in the US today, the death rate is increasing every day, the economy is collapsing. Even in Nine-Eleven, no one has seen New York get worse like today. Many of us have never seen America in a haphazard position before.

I live in New Queens, New York, where coronavirus outbreaks exceed all other cities. Elmhurst Jackson Heights, known as Mini Bangladesh, my favorite place has turned to Death Valley. It takes 20 minutes by train from my home to Jackson Heights. The military has been keeping patrol duty in the city since last Sunday night. The number of people infected with corona across the United States is more than 2 lakh 3 thousand. The death rate is rising.

My job is to test the quality of vitamins and food supplements as I work in a lab in a medicine company. For this, we have to determine the quality by following the guidelines of the Food and Health Department. Not even a day in six years did I see making the results sheet by manipulating a single point out of their guideline.

It is very painful to hear the news of so many deaths all around. I also have to work in an emergency. I was not afraid to go to work for so long. After three weeks have passed, fear now. In our lab, a team of 30 people works in two shifts. Many of them are ill, but they have not yet been identified as corona affected. However, many under the pressure of work are very weak and do not go to the office. The rest of us who are going to the office, have taken double, triple workloads.

Orders from Amazon, Walmart is now more than double that of other times. People eat turmeric, chili, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, garlic and all kinds of vegetables from the leaves of fruit and various types of plants, from capsules, tablets, juices or powder directly to the water with coffee or juice. In this Corona situation, it is very noticeable that people are eating more vitamins. Since the first meeting with Corona in January, the Elderberry capsule, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, turmeric capsule, and zinc started coming here. It is learned that at present people are eating too much of these. By eating these, the immune systems in the body increases and help strengthen a person’s immune response to the virus.


Elderberry is most ordered by Amazon and Walmart to Medicine companies now

Elderberry contains some ingredients that can actually diminish the production of the virus and help it recover faster from the flu.

A study published in the March 2019 issue of the Journal of Functional Foods found that compounds from elderberries can prevent the entry of viruses and replication in human cells and help strengthen the immune system.

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