Coronavirus vaccine- meet the company leading the race

Coronavirus Vaccine - Meet the Company Leading the race
Coronavirus Vaccine – Meet the Company Leading the race

Different organizations are taking different paths in developing new coronavirus vaccines. Out of these, a team is doing research based on knowledge acquired during the past coronavirus (SARS) epidemic. There is another group, who are using education from other epidemics like Ebola. But how days do we have to wait to get an effective vaccine?

The World Health Organization’s top emergency expert Mike Ryan said that several vaccines were in development. but only one had begun trials in the United States. Ryan recently told BBC Television, it would take at least a year to develop an effective vaccine that strictly maintains security standards, which have to make sure it’s absolutely safe.

The point is that in a year, who has gone a long way towards making this vaccine? Who will raise the first flag to give good news to the world?

The Jerusalem Post revealed a list of companies, included Moderna, CanSino Biologics, MIGAL, INOVIO Pharmaceuticals, CureVac, and BioNTech.


Moderna is a  Massachusetts based biotechnology company. A team of infectious diseases researchers and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) have developed the mRNA-1273 coronavirus vaccine. How safe the vaccine is and how much it can activate the immune system is now being tested. The company emphasized that it is “still early in the story,”.

CanSino Biologics:

Chinese authorities last week approved a clinical trial of a vaccine developed by researchers from Tianjin-based Company Casino Biologics. Initial preparations for the human body have also been completed. Soon, 108 healthy volunteers will be tested at Tongi Hospital in Wuhan.

Yu Xuefeng, chairman, and CEO of CanSino Biologics is hopeful of developing soon a fully secure and high-quality vaccine.


Migal galilee Research Institute has gone a long way in this field. Based on the genetic similarities between the avian coronavirus and the novel coronavirus.  In the next eight to ten weeks, this oral vaccine will enter the human body. If successful, full approval will be obtained within 90 days.

They claimed that they have great progress toward developing the vaccine in late February.

According to Miguel CEO David Zigdon, work is underway with various stakeholders on vaccine development. Various regulatory bodies are also cooperating to speed up the entire process.

INOVIO Pharmaceuticals:

Pennsylvania-based INOVIO of the United States announced on March the receipt of a new $5 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate the testing of its novel DNA vaccine research for Covid-19, named INO-4800. The study is currently at the preclinical level. The company expects to advance into US Phase 1 clinical trial this month.


German biopharmaceutical company CureVac announces to accelerate the work of its mRNA-based platform to produce coronavirus vaccine. The European Commission offered up to €80 million of financial support to CureVac in this regard. Next June, the company is optimistic about running a clinical trial of the vaccine they have will be possible to produce millions of vaccines at a small cost, said the commission.

BioNTech :

German Immunotherapy Company BionTech and American major pharmaceutical company Pfizer have agreed to work together last week.

News source: Jerusalem Post 

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