Childish Gambino music video actually illustrated the reality

Childish Gambino has released a cryptic and metaphor music video. Childish Gambino is his stage name. He performs music under this name as a DJ. For the first time since 2002, a song got highly response of this active singer.

Childish Gambino

American musician Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ song video has already racked up more than 20 million views on YouTube. Actor, Comedian, Writer, Rapper, Disco Jockey, Record producer, singer, songwriter – Many identities carry Donald Glover. The music video was released last month. It is assumed that no other person has given such political speeches recently into song. But singer Childish Gambino seemed so indifferent about this. His demeanor says, he did his work, now whatsoever people like to think. And from that, viewers watching the music video on social media and searching it sense.

The song actually illustrates the reality of America

After analyzing one by one scene, they expressed that the song actually illustrates the reality of America. Donald Glover is seen without a shirt in the video to identify his “humanness”, as he raps about the violent contradictions that come with being black in America.

Childish Gambino shoots a man

Childish Gambino shoots a man

 The starting moments of “This Is America” show a man strumming a guitar alone to choral sounds. Within the first minute, Childish Gambino shoots the man in the back of the head, who becomes a hooded figure tied to a chair. Then Childish Gambino hands the gun to another man. The man safely wraps it in a red cloth. “This is America / Don’t catch you slippin’ up,” The moment goes right into the first rapped chorus.

A well-dressed man brought out this piece of fabric is used to carefully and with devotion cover the gun, Childish Gambino used to shoot the guitar-playing man. It indicates the fact that guns seem more valuable, also to be prized above people to many Americans. Glover continues to smile and dance while the dead man’s body is dragged off-screen as if nothing is wrong. It also reflects that the value of a black body is much less than the gun that was used to kill. The red color of the clothes represents America’s ruling Republican Party. They never support arms control.

The murder of the church choir

In another scene of the song Childish Gambino again addresses gun violence by shooting an assault rifle at a harmless black church choir. This scene reminds that the 2015 massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The school children dancing amid violence

A group of kids clad in school uniforms who dance around Childish Gambino throughout much of the “This is America” video. That conveys the fact of how the world consumes social media and entertainment as the circumstance burns around them. The kids are smiling through impeccable moves as violence erupts behind them. It’s the way life is, though obscure whether or not it’s escapism or a coping mechanism. The dancing also seems to be a sense of pride.

 Older Cars

At the end of the video, two to three decades ago cars are front-and-center center: Probably something that references Philando Castile who was killed in his ’97 Oldsmobile.

Hooded figure on a white horse

You might miss a scene very quickly, that’s a hooded figure riding a white horse gallops across the screen. It is apparently a reference to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in The Bible. It may also be that it refers to the end of the universe, according to the Bible; the first horse was white, which mimics the imagery found in “This Is America”.

The white warehouse and Jim Crow

Most pillars of the warehouses are white, where shooting has done. Many people think that this pillar is the representative of the foundation on which the “founding fathers” have founded America. They wrote in the constitution, all people are equal. But some of them were the slave owner. In the song, Glover’s gesture was like Jim Crow when he first shoots a man. Who is this Jim Crow?  When slavery was abolished after a long civil war in America, white people still had the intense hatred towards black people. When they notice they can’t Black people enslaved and laborer, they created “Jim Crow”, a theater character in order to make fun of them. Jim Crow looks like a crow. Thus, during the 18th and 19th centuries, white artists used to mock black people by using ink on their face. The evidence of this mockery can be found during that time film.

American social unrest

Four minutes duration of this video, Donald Glover’s song, and striking African dance show American social unrest. Where money is flying, bullets are running, scared people are rushing around and committing suicide. The angel of death is going on horseback. But Donald’s song and dance are covering them, just as the entertainment world keeps people away from reality. People are in fun, in clothes, in luxury, in wealth. They unable to see the real problems; at times some terror attack scene is viral. After seeing that people feel sorrow for two days, just it. But the situation is not changing.

Childish Gambino running away in the closing moments

The last moment of the video show Childish Gambino terrified, running, down a long dark hallway away from a group of white police.  The song  ended with this line- “You just a black man in this world/ you just a barcode, ayy”

source: Independent, Time

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