Check most crazy loved brand of super soccer stars

Loved brand are built on  platform of authentic passion, whilst most of the loved brand is larger with the enviable reputation and intense consumer loyalty. The concept may be a bit of the ‘egg’ or a ‘chicken’ question for a loved brand. Do they grow a passionate community because they’re a loved brand, or do they become loved brands because of their passionate community?

World Cup football knocked on the door. Football fans from all over the world are counting the day when football arrives in the field. Footballers of different countries are busy with their last preparation. Star footballers are ready to show their flashing. There are many brands in favorite list of these footballers. Here we will take you through a quick glimpse into the world of star footballer’s loved brand.

crazy loved brand of super soccer stars

loved brand Lionel Messi, Messi’s cars

Messi’s cars

Since 2016, Barcelona superstars Lionel Messi is the global ambassador of Huawei mobile phone brand. Also it is seen that he use various products of Adidas and Gatorade brands. India’s Tata Motors respect him as their world ambassador. Lionel Messi has loved brand of car. There is the impressive branded car in his exclusive collection. Ferrari F430 Spider, Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale, Audi R8 Spyder, Maserati Gran Turismo S, Dodge Charger SRT8, Audi Q7 car is in the world of Lionel Messi wheels.

loved brand, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo cr7

Cristiano Ronaldo cr7

Cristiano Ronaldo introduced himself as a brand. Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo has own loved brand name CR7. For perfume and clothing, this star has launched the brand by his name. According to Forbes magazine, in 2017, he was the most earning athlete in the world.

loved brand
monster roc headphone;

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Tag Heuer watch is a great love brand for this star. Tag Heuer Cristiano Ronaldo Formula 1 CR7 watch is available in the market. CR7 are seen to hear the song by Monster brand headphones. Though he was once seen in Dolce & Gabbana brand sunglasses, now this star wearing regularly Ray-ban brand sunglasses. Cristiano Ronaldo is now wearing Nike’s latest pair of custom ‘CR7’ boots.

loved brand, Neymar Jr, Gaga Milano watch on Neymar’s wrist

Gaga Milano watch on Neymar’s wrist

Neymar Jr spent $180,000 on watch. From wristwatch to headphones, in everything football star Neymar Jr has own favorite brand. Prior to the world cup 2014, Neymar once spent $180,000 on watch and some accessories from loved brand GaGá Milano boutique in Tokyo.

loved brand
Gaga Milano watch;

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Neymar shares his wristwatch pictures on Instagram regularly. Not only watch, also you might notice him wearing headphones. Brazil soccer sensation Neymar jr often listens to music on different headphone of beats electronics. Neymar has appeared on many products of Gillette, Panasonic, Red Bull and Nike.

loved brand, Mohamed Salah, New Star Mohamed Salah

New Star Mohamed Salah

As a country, many people will be surprised to see Egypt in the Football World Cup. Mohamed Salah is the big star of the team. He is an eminent face of the English Football League. In February this year, his name was announced as Egypt’s Uber brand ambassador. Since 2016 he is the brand ambassador of Pepsi.

loved brand,Antoine Griezmann, HYT watches on Griezmann’s wrist

HYT watches on Griezmann’s wrist

Antoine Griezmann likes wristwatch. Zinedine Zidane’s France is playing in the World Cup this year. Antoine Griezmann is the present brilliant star of the team. This French forward also likes to wear watch too. In 2017 he becomes an HYT brand ambassador. Then Puma shoes were seen on his feet. Griezmann signed a contract with Gillette loved brands in 2016.

loved brand, Luis Suarez, Suarez’s bite is a big brand

Suarez’s bite is a big brand

Uruguay soccer player Luis Suarez is the most discussing appearance for his biting incident from 2014 world cup. The bite has become his big brand. Last April, Chinese electronics brand Tronsmart has appointed him as their brand ambassador. Earlier, he was seen as the ambassador of another Chinese mobile phone manufacturer. Besides, Gatorade product has added Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez to his list of endorsement deals. Also, he has become the image for the love brand clothing company MyBrand.

source: Forbs and Independent 

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