6 celebrities who went back to education life again after being famous

These six celebrities went back to education life again after being famous. Sometimes it means taking a break from the profession, sometimes it means continuing acting over the summer or throw a challenge to life. New Year means new enthusiasm. Once the opportunity is gone, we have to make the opportunity again. Many have left the school since childhood and have been a star. Some of those stars have started again their education life. Read some story of those ones.

went back to education life
Jodie Foster

Rejected acting for a while to study English literature

Jodie Foster who make movies to figure out who is she, radiated for the movie on Taxi Driver and Freaky Friday. She rejected acting for a while to study English literature at Yale University in her 20s. She graduated with a degree in 1985.

went back to education life
Natalie Portman

Oscar nomination and study together

Natalie Portman got Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2004. That year, she finished her university studies. Since 1994, she was so busy on television and movies so she could not finish her study. In the meantime, she has learned dance, played in Star Wars-what more! Finally, in 2003,  she went back to education life, was admitted to the Harvard University. Now graduate in the discipline of psychology.

went back to education life
Steven Spielberg

Even after a doctorate degree

When renowned personalities come to the University as a guest teacher, at the same age of 55, the filmmaker Steven Spielberg again became a university student. Although the school-college passes with great difficulty, the first year in the university life got so much ‘C’ grade that he could not survive. After being famous, the university gave him an honorary doctorate degree. In 2001, he was re-admitted for BA degree at the Long Beach University. The subject of reading was film and electronic arts. The film is his own subject, who can stop Spielberg? However, he won a poor grade university degree.

went back to education life
Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff took online classes

Hilary Duff, Popular actress, and singer from teenage. She could not finish her study at the right time because of star fame and busyness. She attended the online course of Harvard University in spring 2005 and started her studies in politics and administration. Really cool! Because she was excited about going to education life and it seemed to her the online classes are really cool.

went back to education life
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Jaymes Stewart Wrote a scientific article!

American actress, director, and model Kristen Jaymes Stewart is praised for the Twilight cinema. She could not complete her run on the runway of study at the right time because she was running to movies and television studios since her childhood. Kristen was admitted to the University of California in 2013. While studying English literature, published a scientific article in the year 2017. Kristen was criticized about how she wrote an article based on science while she is not the student of science in her education life.

went back to education life
Isabelle shakira

Shakira attended at university in disguise

In 2005, after finishing the tour for ‘Oral Fixation Vol 2’, the Colombian pop star singer Shakira started the class again to study at the University of California at Los Angeles. The people could not discover her true identity at first because she was admitted under her middle name ‘Isabelle’ and used to wear a cap and a big backpack as looked like a boy. She took a short course in history over the summer. She didn’t recognize, though some people looked at her suspiciously and a few people asked her but she told them that she is Isabelle.

Source: Time


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