10 useful tips to increase creativity

increase creativity
increase creativity

What are the useful tips to increase creativity? How to increase creativity? Before thinking that, let’s know what is the creativity? Many of us have heard that ‘Think outside of the box’. It is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. Basically, this is creativity. It is unlearnable, innate talent, abstract aptitude.

Increase creativity

Creativity is like a part of our body. Experts say; to build well body muscles such as have to eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, so to increase creativity, some practices are needed. Every man was born with some own creativity. If you can awaken your inner artist, can make him more mature, certainly you will able to enjoy life. Whatever your academic discipline, whether geography or electrical engineering, whatever you are in professional life, whether bank staff or researcher-creativity will surely put you ahead in your career. Which exercises can increase the creativity, following the advice of Hollywood actor, singer, dancer, writer and painter Bernard Hiller, below are some useful tips to increase creativity.

  1. Dancing

Dancing is the part of human experience for the past 8 thousand years. Through dance, you can celebrate life, can make a contact with the gifts that life has given you, will find the vibrancy of hidden creativity inside you. Because all the answers to the questions that searching you are hidden in your body. Remember, nothing happens without moves.

  1. Singing

Singing helps you discover your dormant voice .since childhood, people around you will try to impose their opinions on you and want to take away your own thinking. Life depends on the power of communication. How do you meet with people, talking? That will tell the quality of your life. You must have a strong voice to express your needs and wants clearly.

  1. Deep breathing

You have breath means you are not exhausted. If you can deeply breathe, you can deeply realize life. Take 15 minutes each day to listen to your breathing. As it has many physical benefits, so it will give you peace and mental relief. If you take a deep breath, you can understand the surroundings; heedful breathing gets you in touch with whatever is going on with you, why it is happening. To be successful in life, need to know first of all what obstacles frustrated you.

  1. Listening to music

Music lets us in touch with our emotion. With the vibrancy of soul, we find the similarity of the music. Music helps us to disconnect from the visible world and connect to the invisible world. Music also keeps us stabilized in mind.

  1. Spending time in nature

Nature is the way to connect you with the world. When you are close to nature, you can realize that you are part of something greater than yourself. When you slow down, you will start to discover the beauty that is hidden in mind and exposed before eyes. The natural environment will teach you a new perspective on life.

  1. Finding the child again

Children believe everything is possible. They always live in the present. They are seeing everything positively and not afraid to believe in their imagination. The secret formula of life is never to grow up, stay like a child. Little kids discover something at every moment. Keep your inner child awake. Believe everything is possible. Then you can enjoy life.

  1. Creating joy in your life

Being joyful is serious business and art, it is very important to have happiness in life. One of the causes for not succeeding in human life is, we do not give enough time to create joyful moments in life. Make at least three fantastic moments per day. When you are depressed, You stop your creative soul. Creativity thoughts get buried inside you. Joy is the key that will unlock your potential door.

  1. Trusting your instincts

Instincts will show you the way to creativity. Trust your instincts, they are the carrier, in which creativity reach to you. Follow your instincts boldly; it will describe the meaning and purpose of your life.

  1. Laughing

Laughter helps to keep body digestion active and strengthen the immune system. It gives you more energy and helps to free from stress. Those who are suffering from a serious illness, doctors encourage them to laugh. Every day at least one hour should laugh. Smiley faces have some social benefits. If you look around, people with a great sense of humor can quickly develop good relations with others. They attract more miracles in their lives. Laughter is essential to enjoy life.

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